Breathe: Take a Dip with Freediving

The movie Breathe by director Martin Khodabakhshian allows the idea of conquering fear and darkness through sport without actually getting your feet wet. The tropical Caribbean crystal blue waters and sandy beaches paint the picture of island paradise. The tension of the descent into deans blue hole in Bahamas gets built up over various interviews with locals and shots of dark waters.

The movie introduces the physiology of competitive freediving, a background of William Trubridge’s history and his story. The underlying theme is human accomplishment, but in particularly challenging and extreme circumstances, which inspires and terrifies at the same time.

Pushing oneself into the depths of the ocean brings up numerous risks. William loses consciousness midway through surfacing in a competitive freedive and needs resuscitation. Near death doesn’t stop his training and world record attempts, and he continues to push, adapting his body and physiology to condition itself for competition.

You may not want to competitively freedive after seeing this movie, but it does inspire a curiosity for the sport and it’s gaining popularity around the world. For anyone interested in diving, snorkelling or an unusually driven competitor, this is definitely an awesome ocean flick to check out.

If you’ve seen enough and are ready to start training, check out freediving classes in the Bahamas with William Trubridge at: VERTICLEBLUE.NET.

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